Hook Moon (EP)

by Hook Moon

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"Hook Moon has a mood that seems fitting in a dimly lit lounge, with red lights providing the dull glow. A collage of instruments make up each of the six songs on their self-titled debut E.P., tattooing characteristics in each piece so that no song can be confused with the one following or preceding. Whether it is the xylophone mixed with electronics in “Patience,” acoustic ladened electro-folk in “Patton’s Final March,” or crooning lo-fi vocals mixed with the twang of guitars in “Ghost Town,” these two guys know how to pull you into their story. And it all begins by setting the scene and tone."- Tympanogram

"Hook Moon centers around the baritone that runs through each song and propels the album forward. He sounds a bit like Julian Casablancas and manages to match the emotive capacity we've heard from the Strokes for the past ten years. Sound-wise, Hook Moon seems to enjoy pairing guitar-based composition with supplementary electronic instruments and they do well tempering the interaction between the two."- In Your Speakers

"Everything sounds good and gorgeous and all the voices whirling whistling bristling bits of it... the slide guitar in ghost town ! goddamn !! and blood stone, so perfect always and forever."- Nick Ponterio

"I'm keeping my whole house warm with these beats and blasts. I love Sight Unseen. Very witchcraft dancehall. I'm having a hard time coming up with something else to compare this too... You tricky coyote wolf man." -John Gasper

"Truly a wonder"- Samantha Seerman


released April 21, 2011



all rights reserved


Hook Moon New York, New York

After moving to New York City in 2010 and taking a temporary hiatus from their garage rock project Black Elk Speaks, singer- songwriter Jack Frederick and guitarist Gavin Price formed the electronic band Hook Moon. Since releasing their self titled EP, their music has been featured on MTV's The World Of Jenks as well as countless independent music blogs such as Tympanogram, In Your Speakers and NMC ... more

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Track Name: Patton's Final March
Man, enough.
Are you man enough to pack it in?
From here I will go in a b-line to berlin.
Don't try to stop me.
It's too late, you might as well give up.
I've beaten you.
I've beaten you. 
I've beaten you into a pulp.
You cannot withstand the heat and you
cannot comprehend I've beaten you.
You thought I was licked.
You thought me good as gone.
But times like that I feel most called upon
to make an example of the elasticity of my will.
So baby try to understand me or at least understand you've understood me wrong
And I will not take a fall
when the wind starts to call.
I will see through the breeze.
I will vanish in the trees.
And the birds will be my spies.
They will locate where you ties are hidden
and when they all are found,
I will put you underground.
And once I've dragged you by the lynch,
then the rest will be a cinch. 
Somewhere lofty where you're tethered
I will leave you tarred and feathered.
There's so much of you to seize.
All the possibilities.
And oh my god what I could do
if only there was more than one of you.
Track Name: Patience
He was never prone to reading, learning, books, or forward thinking.
Stil it didn't stop his passion vomitting while he was speaking.
Puking easy definitions onto those who held affection
for his mother, brother, father, when it failed he redirected.
Why should I stay here and listen? It's only giving you permission.
You're a man on a mission to enjoy a supposition to destroy the competition.
Empty skull with little flies, they're circling behind his eyes
A slated face expecting more, but patience is dispair disguised
The kind of eyes that see it all. A lantern in a haunted mansion
cannot see the second story til the stairs have started dancing.
So you will find there is a time, there is a place, there is a face who sees it all in all.
And you'll know you've reached the place because you'll see yourself
and know yourself and be the kind of person that is always going on.
Why should I stay here and listen? It's only giving you permission.
You're a man of admiration who's been called on by his nation to secure
a new foundation.
Track Name: Ghost Town
Anton, he was a mastadon, worked on the railroad, lived on a sailboat
traded it in at the Bargain Bin so he could go and buy the farm.
Irving reeked of his learning, sweaters and brimstone, weak in the wristbone
started with football, then king of the dancehall, until he kicked the calendar.
There's a bar in Barcelona, saddles are the seats.
And if you give a nod to the right person, drinks are free.
So we would liquor up and softly stumble to the sea.
You couldn't count the stars because there was no night between.
Martha smoked a cigar, but not in the shop cause that's what her pop does.
Begging forgiveness of the family business, she wanted to become a star.
Heather lived on a tether, the cage was rusting and Mom was disgusting
Dad fought for freedom, she wanted to meet him, but he would not be coming home.
And when the water wasn't any wetter than the sky
we began to drink the drink that finally drank us dry.
The only thing I thought of as I felt it filter by.
There'd better be wild horses at this ghost town in the sky.
Track Name: Sight Unseen
I told you he was trixie
I told you he was false
It's taking me
It's taking me
It's taking me over.

I told you do not trust him
I told you heads will roll
It's taken me
It's taken me  
It's taken me over. 

You're letting sleeping dogs lie to me lightly
You're letting sleeping dogs lie to me whitely
The rate you're giving in is just unsightly
A slight insight into a sight unsightly.

I told you he's a trickster
I told you he's unfit
It's taken me
It's taken me
It's taken me over.

I took the shirt of your back and still
I'm undecided but the sight of my courage is real-
ness is a virtue you will not see
A sight unsanity that has taken me.
Track Name: New To Me
It's not your fault that you
never saw how wrong you were.
Looking at the ground
where your feet, they thought they were.
Looking for the truth girl,
you're living for the truth.
And I can make it on my own.
Cause I'm never gonna change baby.
You can do that on your own.
We ain't gonna change baby.
We're never gonna change baby.
It don't matter just how long.
And when we meet againg
will you be the only one
who alive or dead
is convinced he's having fun
but never gonna change baby
no, we ain't gonna change baby
We're never gonna change baby,
I don't care from where you've come.
Cause what you're saying is new to me.
Everything you're saying is new to me.
It's new to me, myself.
Track Name: Blood Stone
Horror films,
news reports,
watching dizzy girls contort,
growing old,
getting short,
being hunted just for sport,
monsters living in the dark,
dogs with bites worse than their bark,
people saying "we should talk",
getting famous,
being stalked.

Nothing frightens you but I can smell your fear.
Cause not a word I've said has ended in your ear.
It went into your hair, never coming out
it tangled with the wind, knotted with the doubt.

We are not getting younger
We'll only get what we deserve.
We are not getting younger
We are not getting blood from stones.

Because what scares you most is I'm starting to make sense
and nothing you can do is adequate defence,
so why not live with it?

We are not getting younger
We'll only get what we deserve.
We are not getting younger
We'll only get our blood from stones.